Fight Hair Loss Using These Natural Methods that Work!

17 Aug

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No one wants to experience hair loss. This is true no matter what your gender might be. Women lose hair just like men do. When people start to lose their hair they tend to run to the doctor’s office or search the Internet for quick fixes that are “guaranteed” to help regrow hair. You can’t really be sure that the latter solution will be effective. You’ll simply be wasting your money on those things. But did you know that you can use natural methods to make sure you don’t suffer from hair loss? Here are a few of them.
If you want to have a healthy head of hair, you need to take in enough Vitamin A. Vitamin A is one nutrient that is great for the body. However, once it reaches your hair, vitamin A becomes especially beneficial. Our hair follicles have fat and when vitamin A synthesizes with that, the action stimulates hair growth. Eggs, carrots, squash and kale are fantastic sources of Vitamin A. You can also meat your daily requirement of this vitamin by taking a supplement.

Did you know that using essential oils together with your shampoo may prevent hair loss? It’s important for your hair follicles and scalp to receive the proper nourishment and you can do this by directly applying the vitamins to your scalp. You can buy essential oils pretty much anywhere these days. Add a few drops of essential oils to your shampoo to make it easier for them to get to your scalp. Lavender oil and tea tree oil are oils that are great for your hair.

Make it a habit to massage your scalp every so often. This doesn’t need to be overly complicated. In fact, you can do this while you’re in the shower shampooing your hair. With your fingers, massage your scalp in gentle but firm circular motions. When you do this, you’re ensuring that your whole hair strands get shampooed. New hair growth and hair loss is prevented. This is because the scalp massage promotes better blood flow in the scalp. This is something you can do whenever you feel like doing it. That’s what makes it one of the better natural remedies that you can use.

There are all sorts of natural things that you can do to increase hair growth and decrease hair loss. You shouldn’t rely on synthetic remedies to solve your hair loss problem. Your instinct might be to try any voodoo you can find. However, using natural remedies is safer and healthier for your body and hair. We’ve talked about a few of those natural remedies in this article. A quick search will turn up plenty of others.


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